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    At Premier Events, every order is 100% Guaranteed to be Safe, Secure and as Promised.

    We are well aware of the concerns amongst consumers when purchasing tickets online. During our 30+ years' experience in the tickets and hospitality industry, worry and apprehension has never been higher, with an alarming number of online scammers, social media fraudsters and so-called 'fan-to-fan’ exchanges and marketplaces too often leaving clients outside venues with no tickets and out of pocket by hundreds and thousands of pounds.

    Premier Events doesn’t believe in hiding behind a guarantee that isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and or websites having ‘get-out-clauses’ in their Ts & Cs when they can make a bigger profit out of YOUR tickets. All tickets we sell are genuine, legitimate and from trusted sources - something that should be expected when buying premium tickets, but cannot be taken for granted in the current landscape.

    Our Guarantee is simple; a confirmed booking with Premier Events means you are ensured to get the tickets you booked as promised and on time.

    - No call centres. No hold queues. No missing phone numbers – Get straight through to an experienced agent straight away on +44 (0)20 7283 4040. 
    - Dedicated Out Of Hours  service. 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
     -Quick response to online enquiries and email.
    - No waiting for "Sellers" to respond or confirm your tickets are available.
    - Monitor and track your bookings online 24/7
    - We only offer tickets from our own secure stock and trusted sources. No hiding behind third party “sellers" offering tickets they cannot supply.
    - Event cancelled? You will receive an immediate refund on your tickets if an event is cancelled and not rescheduled.


    Call us to get through to dedicated team member straight away. Immediate response to online enquiries and emails. No call centres or hold queues.

    Dedicated “out of hours” telephone service for last minute requests and urgent questions, offering you peace of mind.


    All tickets offered by Premier Events are confirmed and from official and vetted sources. Buy by phone or online from a leading brand in the premium tickets and hospitality industry.


    Over thirty years experience offering delighted fans and clients a Premier ticketing service.


    Your tickets are 100% secure and guaranteed, not like unverified and unscrupulous third party “marketplaces”.



    020 7283 4040
    +44(0)20 7283 4040