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    From The Runway to Centre Court


    Wimbledon is not only a showcase of world-class tennis but also a runway for some of the most iconic and innovative tennis fashion. Despite remaining the only tennis tournament to uphold a white clothing rule, players have pushed the boundaries of on-court attire for over 100 years, introducing styles that range from the classic to the avant-garde. From tuxedo two-pieces to spaghetti straps, Wimbledon's fashion legacy is as diverse as the players who grace its historic courts. As London Fashion Week reaches its climax and we glance to the summer social and sporting season, join us as we serve up a stylish retrospective of the ground-breaking outfits that have made a lasting impact on the world's oldest tennis tournament.annewhitewimbledon.webp
    One of the most memorable fashion moments in Wimbledon's history occurred when American tennis player Anne White stepped onto the court in 1985 wearing a full-length, one-piece white spandex bodysuit with a tuxedo-style jacket. The unconventional outfit caused quite a stir, sparking a debate on the boundaries of tennis fashion. While it may not have been universally embraced at the time, White's bold choice set the stage for future players to experiment with traditional tennis attire.

    In recent years, Wimbledon has witnessed a surge in high-fashion collaborations, bringing together the worlds of sports and couture. Designers like Stella McCartney have joined forces with sportswear brands to create stylish, performance-driven outfits that not only adhere to Wimbledon's traditional white dress code but also incorporate cutting-edge design elements. These collaborations have elevated tennis fashion to new heights, showcasing the marriage of functionality and high style.
    A more recent standout fashion moment was Maria Sharapova's Nike tuxedo two-piece from 2008. Which brought a smart, tailored aesthetic to SW19. However, not everyone was a fan of the look - including Sharapova’s opponent, Russian player Alla Kudryavtseva who said “I don’t like her outfit... Can I put it this way? It was one of my motivations to beat her.” This lead to the designer Colleen Sandieson hitting back by saying that Kudryavtseva’s comments were “not very sporting”.

    Roger Federer has form when it comes to his on court clobber. Take his 2009 look, which saw every single garment about his person piped in, or embroidered with, gold. We’re talking a vast gold man bag, golden monogram initials on his multi-pocked military style jacket and a gilded tick on his headband.federerwimbledonfashion.jpg

    So, as we buckle up for this year's strawberries and cream-fuelled summer sporting spectacular - and let’s face it, there are likely to be some new showstopping on court outfits for us to pore over.



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