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    How to buy genuine tickets this summer


    Remember, if it's "too good to be true", it is probably a scam.

    With lots of exciting events this summer, scammers have been active online trying to sell fraudulent or non-existent tickets.
    In June alone, hundreds of cases of fraud and ticket scams have been reported to us for events such as Taylor Swift, Glastonbury and Wimbledon. Don't get scammed. Otherwise, you could lose the price of the ticket and a whole lot more. Instead, ensure your money and tickets are safe by buying tickets through secure payment methods recommended by reputable online agencies, such as Premier Events.
    Last year, UK consumers lost £133 on average across all concert ticket scams. Don't find yourself in the same position.

    Here are three signs of ticket fraud:
    - You're offered tickets on social media, online or by text for a high-demand event, often at the last minute. 90% of reported cases start with fake adverts or posts on social media.
    - You see a website that looks similar to that of a genuine organisation but there are subtle changes to the URL.
    - You're asked to transfer funds only and not pay via the secure payment methods recommended by reputable online retailers

    One other test is calling a company. If they won't answer your calls when you're a potential customer, will they answer your calls when your tickets haven't arrived?



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